My name is Barry Conrad and I am a US based cameraman. With 25 years of production experience I have worked on a range of projects, both big and small. I have shot for wildlife documentaries in Scotland and Africa, and Art History documentaries in Italy and Spain. I have also had the pleasure of working game shows and sitcoms for networks including A&E, Fox 1000 and MiND.


One of my fondest memories before moving into documentary filming was when I went to India for several months to document life in various Indian states to build up my film and photography portfolio. This was an eye-opening experience and I came away from it with over 1000 thousand photos and 125 minutes of film about the amazing techniques, food and way of life.


I am technically as well as creatively savvy so am able to work on self-shoots. In addition, i am proficient in dealing with technical difficulties of any description, so if you are looking to do a shoot in the middle of nowhere I can be of service if technical difficulties are encountered.


I am located in Los Angeles, which means that most of the shoots I do in America tend to be in California. I can often commit to shoots which require a quick turnaround depending on the location of the shoot. Given my experience on many shoots abroad, I am able to work in an environment that is very different culturally and environmentally, and have a global knowledge and outlook which can come in handy. This vast experience in doing shoots abroad also means that I have knowledge of filming practices that may not be easily available on the interest. For example, I know how much it costs to rent certain bits of kit or whether you can carry a jib around Africa.


I have access to a lot of camera equipment, be it cameras, lenses, cases, grips, lights, audio capabilities and a monitor.


As well as being able to use my own equipment on a shoot if required, I am also well versed in operating different types of cameras and equipment, so would be able to use standard shoot ones as well.